DIY Body Oil for Winter!

A tiny bit of background info on this: my mom is super healthy, and she likes everything natural. So I’ve been eating organic food for a great part of my life (ever since my mom started realizing the existence of organic foods), and I’ve switched from fancy beauty products to natural oils for skin care.

I started using coconut oil on my body about two years ago, and it’s been one of my winter moisturizers (and many other things) ever since. The winter is on it’s way here in Massachusetts, and coming from a humid country, the dryness is hitting me hard. Luckily, my dad got me humidifiers to keep me comfortable in my room, and I made some DIY body oils for myself to keep my skin smooth and silky!

I first bought some glass pump bottles so I can fill them for easy access; I’ve been using my oil mix in a little container with a scrolling cap for the past month, and it’s not that convenient, so I bought these glass bottles and they are perfect!


1 part Olive Oil (extra virgin, cold pressed)

3 parts Coconut Oil (or jojoba, grape seed…any carrier oil)

7 drops of Lavender Essential Oil (from here that my mom gave me)

Make it:

A funnel would be handy in this situation, but if you don’t (like me), just roll a piece of paper into a loose cone (so there’s a hole at the tip), and you’ve got a DIY funnel! haha 🙂

Then poured all my ingredients, in the order they’re listed, into the glass bottle with a funnel (or the cone), screw the pump cap on, shake it all up, and you’ve got yourself a calming, moisturizing, and satisfying body oil to survive the winter! 🙂

Just apply after shower, or any time your body feels dry; with dedication, you shall have the soft skin you’ve always wanted, and you can choose to have, right now!


Hope you all liked it! Make sure to let me know how your DIY went by commenting below<3

Have a “chill” winter, with this “warming” DIY moisturizer!

Josephine xxxx



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