My brother is born…and I cried

This is going to be a short post about my little baby brother who was born at 3:01 AM, October 7th, 2016! I was so happy to see him through FaceTime with my mom and sister, and I could not be more delighted to see the little red and healthy baby lying on my mom’s chest. He looked so content and peaceful; I have a feeling (my uncle said this too) that he is going to be a very wise and calm presence in our lives. I am IN LOVE already! He’s so adorable. And I cried while talking to mom, because I was telling her how amazing that she is giving birth, and still creating new life on Earth, even at her age of 46. And how that relates to the book I’ve been reading for the past few weeks, “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch. To keep it short, what God has said in the book so far, is basically that we are not on Earth to “learn” things, but to re-member “Who We Are”, to experience who we are, and to create our lives in order to experience that. And the fact that my mom is still giving birth clearly shows her dedication to creation! So I didn’t exactly cry because of my little bro (he is crazy adorable though), but it was because I feel so touched in my heart that my mom is so marvelous and enjoys creating so much, and also that God has given us the wonderful gift to be able to create new life, and that I have that in me too. This is simply beautiful. ❤


Wish you love and laughter,

Josephine xxxx



Some Happiness, Some Fun: Introduction to my blog and myself :)

Hello everyone! I’m so excited to be starting my first blog!

Who I am:

I am Josephine, a current freshman in college. I  am a taurus, I have sister and a brother, actually, two brothers, because right now, my second brother is on his way to this world, and I’m so excited 😀  I love all knowledge about spiritual philosophies and ideas, how they integrate into (and are a part) of our lives, and the re-membering of who we are.

What my blog is about:

My blog will be covering a wide variety of thing, but mainly focusing on mental and physical well-being that relate to spiritual and theological ideas, as well as holistic health lifestyles that are sustainable and eco-friendly.

Birth to my blog, and birth of my brother!

Well, here I am, writing my first blog post in the middle of the night, on my comfy bed. What is so special about today? Why am I starting my blog right now, instead of sleeping? I have a perfectly good reason for that, and I shall proceed to that…right…now. 🙂

While I am away in college right now, my mom is giving birth to my second brother, Finn Lee! I am still awake because I am so excited to have a new brother, and I want to stay awake until he has arrived. I really hope that I can be next to my mom right now, and although I cannot be physically with her, I am with her in spirit for sure. She has been waiting for him over 14 hours now! And it’s her longest wait because it only took her around 2 hours for my sister, brother, and I to be born. But considering my mom’s age, at 46, she is doing very well, because her whole pregnancy was super smooth and it was like nothing except her stomach is big (lol). Anyways, I have already sent some loving energy and mantras over to my mom and my coming brother for the past one hour in my meditation, and I suddenly decided to document the amazing feeling of waiting for a new life to be born!

I am feeling so blessed and excited to be able to take part in this process of giving birth to new life. I can feel this new little blob of energy arriving on Earth, to join my family and I. It’s such an exciting feeling! I was excited for my first brother (who is also the artist of my featured picture :D) when he joined us, but I was younger and felt differently as a child. Now I’m feeling so wonderful and happy, not only because I’m having a new brother, but also because it’s simply a joyful, and also sacred thing that humans (and all other animals) have the ability to reproduce, create, and give birth to new life! It’s so amazingly beautiful, the fact that we are given the gift of creating new life on Earth. It’s just so wonderful! This is how I’ve been feeling the whole day! The energy of new life, and creation, is simply so delightful to be experiencing and feeling, and I just felt like sharing this happiness with all of my friends and the world- and that is why I have decided to start this blog, today, and right now. A new life, and a new blog- it feel so wonderful!

My mom is giving birth to my brother naturally, at home, with a midwife, her boyfriend, and people who love her and the baby. I am so glad that she is in a safe and loving space when giving birth. Because originally, humans gave birth out in the woods, in nature; in the wombs of Mother Nature, humans gave birth to new life. She is in the water right now as I’m typing (my sister has been updating me and I have been keeping contact with them through FaceTime), and I am simply marveling the fact that mom is giving birth; even after feeling so for the whole day already. I might write a post dedicated to natural birth later on.

This also reminds me of when I was in middle school and loathed being a girl, because that entails having periods every month. I also remember always envying the guys because they don’t have periods. I’m feeling very contrary to that right now though! I feel so blessed to be a woman, because that means I get to be not only involved in the creation of new life, but also actually welcome new life on to Earth! Women have the great job to bring new lives and human beings on to Earth, and to nurture and provide a loving space for the new borns. No body else can do that, other than women! Because of this, I now embrace my periods every month, because I know that I have a scared job to perform, and that is the creation and welcoming of new life, which is a beautiful ceremony.

And thank you all for bearing through my first blog post! 🙂